Tuesday, 29 June 2010

BMA members vote against homeopathy on the NHS

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These are hard times for homeopaths. Back in February the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee published a report recommending that the NHS should stop funding homeopathic remedies (it currently spends £4 million per year), and today the British Medical Association has done the same, with members voting 3 to 1 at the annual conference to recommend an end to NHS funding and the marketing of homeopathy as medicine in pharmacies.

The BBC's report on the decision contains some excellent quotes from doctors, including Peter Bamber of the BMA's consultants committee, who quipped "If you want to buy a bottle of water go to the supermarket", and Dr Tom Dolphin of the BMA's junior doctors committee, who said "We risk as a society slipping back into a state of magical thinking when made-up science passes for rational discourse."

The Department of Health is currently investigating the issue, and told the BBC it will be reporting on it soon.


Eiskrystal said...

Better late than never I suppose.