Wednesday, 26 May 2010

"Details are not Harun Yahya's strong suit..."

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We were pleased to hear that our old friend Adnan Oktar, aka Harun Yahya, author of that fine scientific reference work Atlas of Creation and subject of our 2009 investigation into his Islamic creationist sex cult, has been, in some respects, holding a few conferences in the heathen nation of Switzerland. I say "in some respects", as he's having to conduct them via video-link on account of currently being banned from leaving his native Turkey due to ongoing legal problems (i.e. his conviction for running a criminal organisation).

So are the Swiss grateful that Oktar has chosen to share his wisdom with them? Not if this report by World Radio Switzerland is anything to go by – it begins with the line "As I walked in to Harun Yahya's conference on creationism last night in Lausanne, people were walking out."

So what did those opting to take an early bath make of Oktar's ideas. "It's just so stupid," one erstwhile attendee told the reporter. "There's logic. There's no structure. Nothing." The report then features a zoologist refuting Oktar's "ideas" (not something we'd view as a fruitful exercise - we long ago identified that creationism isn't the real story here), which leads to the reporter making a classic understatement by saying "Details are not Harun Yahya's strong suit, however". The report ends with mention of Oktar's murky legal difficulties – to learn more on those, read our expose.


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