Friday, 30 April 2010

Tim Minchin on the Pope

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There are quite a few ways that you can view the Catholic child abuse scandal and the question of the Pope's responsibility. You might think, for example, that there are unanswered questions regarding what the Pope knew, but that by focussing on him we risk letting the real culprits off the hook. Maybe you agree with Catholic commentator Damian Thompson, who says that Pope Benedict XVI has done more than anyone else in the Church to root out the abusers? Perhaps you just want to see the Pope come clean, tell us what he knew, and open up his Church to the same legal scrutiny we would expect secular organisations to receive?

Or, you could adopt the line taken by Tim Minchin in his catchy new number, "Pope Song". be warned: it contains some rather choice language.

So, which line are you taking?


Botogol said...

What he did or didn't know in the past is IMO a red herring.

The bigger issue is that right now, today the the Pope is not taking this anywhere near seriously enough.

He should write a papal order immediatly announciong that
- no priest who has abused children is welcome in the church, and anyone who has done is hereby obliged to resign from the priesthood

- all documents and evidence of abuse still in possession of the church will be turned over to local police

- special investigation unit will be set up to investigate all allegations agaisnt serving priests, and will be involving the police in all places.

Instead he's going to parade up and down westminster in the autumn expected the adulation and respect of the british people... the cheek of it.

VicHoon said...

That was disgusting, profane, insulting and disrespectful. I hope it gets to number 1.

foolfodder said...

I wonder what the radio edit sounds like.

amk said...

AFAIK the song's not commercially available yet but of course there is a Facebook group planning on getting it to #1 in time for Darth Benedict's UK visit.

Eiskrystal said...

Well it's catchy. Let's hope it goes viral. And by hope, i mean we post it everywhere we can until it does.