Monday, 26 April 2010

Fun and games at the Foreign Office

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Launch Benedict brand condoms. Bless a civil partnership. Open an abortion clinic. These ideas, revealed by the Sunday Telegraph yesterday, came from a brainstorming session to prepare for the Pope's forthcoming visit to the UK.

Had the Telegraph got hold of some minutes from one of our editorial meetings? Not exactly. It turns out some civil servants at the Foreign Office got a bit carried away, came up with some "comedy" suggestions for giving the Pope a warm welcome and (here's the cardinal error) wrote them down.

Good to see they're taking Pope Tour 2010 as seriously as we are.


Entdinglichung said...

at least, there are pope lollipops:

Anonymous said...

Why did they apologise for suggesting the Pope might like to show compassion for his fellow man?

The Uncredible Hallq said...

"Good to see they're taking Pope Tour 2010 as seriously as we are."

I'm glad they're taking the Pope's tour as seriously as it deserves.

Also: I'd think writing it down was not the mistake, but the stroke of brilliance.