Monday, 29 March 2010

Screenwriter apologises for Battlefield Earth

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It's always good to see someone throw up their hands and admit they were wrong, so hats off to Hollywood scriptwriter JD Shapiro who, in an amusing piece for the New York Post, has apologised for penning the script for Battlefield Earth, the 2000 Scientology-inspired science fiction film often recognised as one of the worst things ever to be committed to celluloid.

Shapiro, who gamely accepted the Razzie award for worst film of the decade last month, says the final product was far worse than anything he'd envisioned when he wrote the script, but he nevertheless begins by apologising to anyone who has seen Battlefield Earth, which starred John Travolta and was based on a story by Scientology creator and sci-fi writer L Ron Hubbard. He was never a Scientology member himself, and he suggests that part of his motivation for flirting with the organisation was a crush he had on a female member of the infamous Sea Org. It doesn't seem like that particular venture proved successful, and he concludes the article by reflecting on how Battlefield Earth has affected his romantic fortunes in the 10 years since:
In the end, did Scientology get me laid? What do you think? No way do you get any action by boldly going up to a woman and proclaiming, "I wrote Battlefield Earth!" If anything, I'm trying to figure out a way to bottle it and use it as birth control. I'll make a mint!
As I said, very funny, and always good to see someone admit they were wrong! Read the full piece on the NY Post site.


mikespeir said...

Thanks a lot! I had pretty well forgotten about Battlefield Earth.