Saturday, 20 March 2010

Off That (Rationalist Anthem)

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This is a moment we've been anticipating for weeks - when rapper Baba Brinkman, one of the stars of last year's Godless Christmas shows, asked us to put together some images for his new rationalist anthem, "Off That", we wasted no time in passing on the best of our archive to videographer Tommy Nagle, who has just this afternoon turned in the mindblowing finished product.

I won't waste any more of your time with my words, except to say that, thanks to Baba, Tommy and producer Mr Simmonds, from now on when someone asks us what we stand for, we might just tell them to start by watching this.

If you'd like to download the audio track for your MP3 players, you can do so using this link. And if you'd like to watch the video in HD, you can do that on Facebook.


DavidMWW said...

This is great!

KKbundy said...

That is awesome. I'm not the biggest fan of urban but that was terrific. The wife's wondering why I'm clapping away in the basement. I think i have a new favorite song.

This song and any other cool hip and funny way of pointing out the absurdity of religion and other non scientific garbage is the only way to go. Christians et all take themselves way too seriously. They're immune to logic, but no one likes to be made mocked.

This'll knock off their high horse.

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"Happy those who seize your children and smash them against a rock." Psalm 137 verse 9.

Clare said...

Really great, even though, like KKBundy, it's really not my type of music.

Though I still prefer'God Thinks' by Voltaire as an anthem though :)

George Jelliss said...

Where is it then? I've only got a blank page!

c said...

fantastic stuff.

good beat and clear words, videos great choice.

BTW i AM 50+

inimatic said...

The best work in this field! That's emotional channel to ever sleeping rationalism.

Anonymous said...

this is wat u get from using critical thinking in rap song, awesome rap