Thursday, 4 March 2010

Anti-abortion tactics in the Deep South

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With the exception of the rosary-swinging nuns that hang around with their miniature plastic foetuses outside the BPAS building round the corner from our office once a week, I generally feel like we have a relatively reasoned approach to the abortion debate in this country. (And to be fair, even those nuns don't have much to say for themselves. They just put their mini-foetuses on the pavement and recite the odd Bible passage.) I know this isn't exclusively the case, and we do have some who take an extreme approach, but on balance we're better off than most countries in this respect.

This is something worth reminding ourseleves of when we see stories such as this in today's Guardian, which tells of shocking new tactics being used by anti-abortion campaigners to target African-American women in the Deep South. Here's a snippet, which quotes Georgia Right to Life's Catherine Davis:
"The abortion industry is targeting the black woman," she said. "There is no lynch mob wearing white sheets and hoods. What they've done is take off the hoods and put on suits and say: let's go and kill the black people. It's cloaked itself by talking about choice. But the industry has targeted the black community. If people were put on the endangered species list then certainly black children would be there because more are aborted than at any time in history."
You can read the rest of the story at the Guardian.


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