Thursday, 11 February 2010

The return of Expelled

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I genuinely thought we'd drawn a line under the ludicrous Intelligent Design documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. It's two years since it came out in the US, to great mockery and zero acclaim (10 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes - this Wikipedia page should explain the rest). For my own part, I spent a hilarious afternoon watching the film in our office, as it was featured in a debate on science and film that we hosted at the Cambridge Film Festival. If you have any interest in what I thought of it, I live-blogged the whole grisly experience.

Is Expelled not, therefore, a closed issue? Not if the folk at Premier Christian Media (you may have come across their Premier Christian Radio station before) can help it. They've organised a screening and debate (billed as the UK premiere, which, given the fact that it was shown at the Cambridge Film Festival, it isn't) to be held at Imperial College, London on Saturday 27 February:
"Justin Brierley, presenter of Premier's faith debate show "Unbelievable?", will be your host for the day, and there will be representatives from both the Christian and Secular arenas who will be debating EXPELLED after the screening. Guest speakers include Dr. Alastair Noble (Former Inspector of Schools) and Dr. Vij Sodera (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons) who advocate intelligent design and Prof. Keith Fox (Biology, Southampton University) and Prof. Thomas Dixon (History of Science, Queen Mary London University) who advocate Darwinian Evolution."
You have to love the idea of "advocating" evolution, don't you? Reminds of the time I spent advocating gravity a few years ago. Anyway, I thought the debate was worth mentioning in case any of you fancied going along. No doubt the "advocates" of evolution could use some support in the audience, although you would have to pay £5 which, as a fee for seeing Expelled, is at least £5 too much.


Gordon Goblin said...

Surely a case could be made where the creotards pay to see the awful film and that money is used to pay the reality-accepters to sit through it!

After all the creationists will enjoy the film and expect it to convince their opponents. Surely that's wort them shelling out for?

artificialhabitat said...

I call on darwinists everywhere to march in protest against this film being shown. It should be banned!

If Ben Stein ever thinks of coming to the UK, he should be refused entry.

This is correct reaction to a film that I disagree with, no?

Eiskrystal said...

I have heard of flogging a dead horse, but most people would draw the line at digging up the 2 year old remains of one from another country in order to do so.

I would be surprised if the "christians" going know anything about the americans who were apparently "expelled" in the film anyway.

Let it fall flat again. Get pictures. Laugh.

Then point out that famous saying "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

Joe Hayhurst said...

So you have a biologist and a science historan, arguing about science with a teaching inspector and a surgeon?

Should be a first round knockout to the Darwinists although I guarantee you won't hear that from the other side afterwards.

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

I've been meaning to watch this for ages, if just for the chance to see the extent of the ignorance that's been deemed a valid documentary piece.

Well I finally started watching it today, I got 3 minutes and 57 seconds into it before I turned it off. Before he even says a word, the entire intro is nothing but an emotional fallacy, equating science to a fascist regime, way too overtly to be taken seriously.

Let the creationists watch this on their own, this isn't worth £5 or the time to watch it.

tylerann said...

I find it always truly amazing how non Christians and Atheist never accept another point of view, but that Christians always allow people freedom to choose what they believe. As that is what God has given us CHOICE!

Matthew said...

Pretty broad term you used there 'non-Christian'. That only encompasses over half the entire world.

You also seem to be confusing 'Christians' with 'God'. Some Christians may think they are God, but just because Christians believe God accepts other viewpoints(although there are many who don't even that) doesn't mean they themselves accept other viewpoints.
They don't for example accept any viewpoint that implies God does not exist.