Friday, 12 February 2010

Happy 201st birthday, Charles

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Today's the 12th of February which, had he lived, would have been the 201st birthday of Charles Darwin, of natural selection fame. It always seems like a good time to remind people of one of our favourite New Humanist features, "Dinner with Darwin", which we ran back in 2008. That was the big man's 199th birthday (you could say we were getting in there early before last year's 200th birthday celebrations), so we asked four leading science writers – Steve Jones, Jerry Coyne, John van Wyhe and James Randerson – what they would say to him if they could join him at the dinner table.

That issue of the magazine also contained Laurie Taylor's interview with David Attenborough, so it was something of a natural history special – on the cover, which is my favourite of all the covers we've had in my time here, we ran this lovely cartoon by Martin Rowson.

A fitting birthday tribute, wouldn't you say?


Mushinronsha said...

Bah! I forgot again!
I had a feeling I should've stayed home from work yesterday. I could've celebrated by reading a chapter of Origin Of Species, contemplating my existence, and then a good nap - not essentially in that order.
Darwin Day should become an international holiday!