Friday, 19 February 2010

Guerrilla protest against Boots' sale of homeopathy

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Following on from the 10:23 homeopathic overdose campaign, I was interested to read this post by a blogger, who goes by the name of Skepticopathy, who has decided to take up some guerilla tactics in the campaign to have pharmacy giants Boots rethink their sale of homeopathic medicine. Having noticed that Boots have point of sale material attached to their homeopathy shelves "explaining" the quack treatment to customers, the blogger decided to write his own version of the information as follows:
"Scientists have devised a technique called the Randomised Controlled Trial, which corrects for errors in thinking, placebo effects and other biases.

Through these trials, scientists have been able to reliably demonstrate that, when all sources of error are removed, homeopathy does not work.

Boots know this, but will take your money anyway. If you rely upon homeopathic treatment you may not get better, but at least Boots will profit from your purchases."
As he explains on his blog, Skepticopathy then turned this into a flyer in the size and style of Boots' own, and slipped them into the plastic holders on the homeopathy shelves.

You can find out more on his blog, where he's even made the flyer available to download (not that you'd want to get any mischief like that, of course).