Monday, 22 February 2010

The end for state-funded homeopathy?

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Sceptics are celebrating this morning following the publication of the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee's long-awaited evidence check report on homeopathy, which recommends that the NHS should stop funding it (it currently spends £4 million per year) and that the Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority should no longer allow medical claims to be made for homeopathic products.

There's a comprehensive summary of the report over at David Colquhoun's DC Science blog, which makes for pleasing reading. For my own part, I'll leave you with the words of committee chairman Phil Willis MP:

“This was a challenging inquiry which provoked strong reactions. We were seeking to determine whether the Government’s policies on homeopathy are evidence based on current evidence. They are not.

“It sets an unfortunate precedent for the Department of Health to consider that the existence of a community which believes that homeopathy works is ‘evidence’ enough to continue spending public money on it. This also sends out a confused message, and has potentially harmful consequences. We await the Government’s response to our report with interest.”

Don't we all.