Friday, 26 February 2010

Dawkins forum closure: the true reason

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As has been widely reported, Richard Dawkins has been at the centre of a spot of controversy over some technical changes currently underway at his website, where plans to replace the online forum with a new system has infuriated volunteer moderators and left users bemoaning the death of the web’s liveliest atheist community.

The moderators have accused website developer Josh Timonen of adopting some arbitrary and high-handed tactics in his implementation of the changes, causing Dawkins to step in and defend his man from the abuse levelled at him by some (You can read the view of one moderator here, and Dawkins's response to the criticism here).

However, here at New Humanist we are able to bring you the real reason for the closure, having chanced upon this post at Christian website

"For years we warned atheists that we would take down their site entitled, by the power prayer.

The atheists laughed and said prayer did not exist. They cursed us and said there was no God. I warned them time and again, and now, we see the true power of God as he has closed their sinful site,"

So there you have it. And if you're wondering why they hate Dawkins so, here it is:
"For those of you who do not know, Richard Dawkins is one of the worst offenders before God. He promotes bestial relations. He thinks that a “less evolved” human man and a monkey woman had sexual relations to create us."
A fairly accurate summary of The Selfish Gene, wouldn't you say?

Update: Okay, so it turns out the Christian website is a spoof (thanks Jared). Still funny though, and to be fair we've seen plenty of non-spoof evangelical statements even more ridiculous than that, so you can see how it got us!


Todd I. Stark said...

I find that human sex is only bestial ... if you do it just right.

Anonymous said...

'Monkey woman', eh? Like Zira in Planet Of The Apes? Who wouldn't?

Robert said...

Well they're not closing down the site, but only making changes to the forum, so it seems that the Christian prayer is still yet to be answered.

Jared said...

You may want to have a look at again, and turn up your satire-o-meter.

SilverTiger said...

It's sad that there has been dissent on the Dawkins site but I suppose any large organization, especially one with public input, is going to wobble from time to time.

It's nice to see the Christians making fools of themselves, though, whittling away the little credibility they still possess.

The Pope's visit should dispose of a lot more.

Anonymous said...

What? So Josh Timonen is God? I think he's owed a fair percentage of all that tithing if that's the case...

HughMcB said...

I'm glad you have a link to Peter Harrison's blog on here, an excellent summary of what actually happened! :)

With the sudden collapse of the Richard Dawkins Forum (the biggest forum of its kind on the internet), many members have banded together and started their own forum. We have all the old moderators from RDF and all of our old friends are back together;

We encourage all to join no matter what your beliefs or outlooks are.

Diversity is paramount to stimulating discourse!

We are somewhat new and improved there. We are still committed to the guidelines allowing criticism of ideas but not attacks on the person. Now we have been able to rationalise the structure without the Richard Dawkins sales/fan aspect and with wider science range. On the old site there was General Science and then evolution and biology. The new site now includes Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology and more. The area on religion is more comprehensive and focused as is the scope of topic areas for debunking creationism, pseudo science and other enemy of reason stuff.

Read the full story of the collapse of the old forum and controversy with Richard Dawkins here;

KKbundy said...

No, no no! The credit is mine. Mine, I tell you! I have been sacrificing goats for years in order to get that den of iniquity shut down. To absolutely seal their fate, I have swung a dead cat over my head mumbling sacred imprecations while sticking pins in my Dawkins Voodoo doll. I'm just glad to see that my years of hard work are finally paying off.
I can't wait to get my 72 virgins!

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