Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Westboro Baptist Church to picket Twitter (yawn...)

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Shall we make this the last time we mention the Westboro Baptist Church? As if we didn't all already have them marked down as ridiculous enough, they've now announced that they're going to picket the San Francisco headquarters of Twitter. I wonder why that could be? Is it because:

a) "Twitter is a company which lends itself to mass communication. Why in heaven's name would the great publishers at WBC NOT picket this place? They have a duty to God just like every other person to serve God and to use ALL their resources in their service to him. So we come with hearts of love and joy to humbly suggest they GET ON THAT TASK!" [that's from their site, if you didn't guess]


b) everyone's talking about Twitter at the moment, so if the Westboro Baptist Church announce a plan to picket it then all those people will start blogging and tweeting about it, thereby giving the Church the publicity they so desperately crave...

Damn, I'm playing into their hands. And not for the first time. Well consider this the last – I'm playing my Joker Card, and then I'm done with them.


Eiskrystal said...

That doesn't even work. Its like complaining to the telephone company that no-one is ringing them you.

Someone clearly isn't getting enough followers to his twitter account.