Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pat Robertson: Haiti earthquake caused by a "pact with the Devil"

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When humanitarian tragedy strikes, you can always rely on a religious fundamentalist somewhere to come out and say something very, very stupid about what might have caused it. US evangelical Pat Robertson steps up to the plate by stating live on TV that the Haitian earthquake, which is thought to have killed tens of thousands of people, was caused by a "pact with the Devil" made by its people in the 18th century while they were under French rule. Here it is, if you can be bothered to give the man the time of day (I was tempted not to blog it, but I see it as part of my job to highlight idiocy):

I suppose one positive you can take from the video is that a disaster relief number is on display, which at least means Robertson doesn't think the people of Haiti's "pact with the Devil" excludes them from recieving humanitarian aid. On which note, if the man's words of riled you and you would like to help the victims of the earthquake, visit the Disasters Emergency Committee website.


DrKeithCurrie said...

Lets pray for preacher Pat Robertson So that he can come out from such mind.
We must pray for Haitian So that they over such a massive disaster.

Travis Morgan said...

I think its great. It just goes to show how theists cherry-pick what to call divine intervention and what not to. And how can other theists give him $hit when his claim is no less justifiable then their claims are of their prayers being answered, miracles occurring, etc... If the earthquake had only of killed a few, theists would be quick to jump on the bandwagin to call that a miracle, and there are those who survived this that attribute their survival to divine intervention, and theists might agree with them. But when something bad happens, they don't want to agree to it being divine intervention. Where is the ol' argument, "god works in mysterious ways, and knows what is best for us and this must be best for the haiti people." now? Yea, I didn't think so. Because like his claim of this being the result of divine intervention, their claims are just as unsubstantiated and ridiculous. They thank and blame god instead of the doctor for surviving a dangerous surgery or the likes, etc... Now, I am not defending Pat, I am merely pointing out the double-edged sword of theists being able to call out, "it's a miracle, its a blessing" for practically anything they wish. It shows how silly their claims are.

Gustavo Pugliesi Sachs said...

the Haitian consul in são paulo (brazil), George Samuel Antoine, has stated that African people are cursed…. well, his words were “the tragedy there is good for us here, makes Haiti a known place (…) I believe that with all the voodoo and those things… the African people are cursed. everywhere where there are Africans is all f*** up”…. the article, in portuguese, can be read here:
and the video where he makes the statement, also in portuguese, can be watched here: