Monday, 14 December 2009

Sing with the BHA Choir

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Tomorrow sees the start of Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, our six-night Godless Christmas extravaganza at the Bloomsbury Theatre and the Hammersmith Apollo (there are still tickets for the Hammersmith show). Suffice to say we're very excited about this, and since we're feeling all seasonal (in a distinctly irreligious way), now seems like a great time to plug the British Humanist Association's Choir, which will be appearing at a couple of the shows.
The BHA Choir are Britain's first humanist choir, and they meet every Tuesday evening at the BHA building in Gower Street, London. All are welcome, and I'm reliably informed that if you go along you'll get to "perform a range of music in a relaxed environment including pieces written specially by resident composer William Morris". For more information, contact the BHA.

The choir even have a festive single, "Gathering Round the Fire", out now, with lyrics and music by William Morris and choir member Jess Smith – you can download it via Amazon.


The Heresiarch said...

In my addled state I misread that as "Singh with the BCA choir" - and thought, No, really?

Anonymous said...

I would love to download Gathering round the fire - but as I am outside the UK, Amazon wont let me. It says there are geographical restrictions on who can buy the product. Yet I am within the EU - is it even legal to prohibit sales across borders in a free trade zone? More to the point, how can I buy the song?!