Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Can you help raise funds for a Ugandan girls football team?

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In the past few years, British and international humanist groups have been very active in supporting secular education in Africa, particularly in Uganda (see our own Mustard Seed Secular School appeal). Since October, the Central London Humanist Group (CLHG) have been raising funds for Emitos Girls Humanist Football Club, a Kampala-based football team for girls aged 12-20. Of course, Emitos FC is about much more than success on the pitch – its aims, as explained by CLHG, are as follows:
  • Build confidence and self esteem among young girls and to help them build their careers as future leaders. The players develop confidence, express their unique talents and compete with boys for the same opportunities. It encourages the attitude “If I can play football, what else can I achieve?"
  • Deepen the girls' understanding of the humanistic values and principles such as the importance of reason, self discipline, achievement and courage, and controlling one’s own destiny. This will help the players to transform their lives as young women and the societies they come from.
  • Train girls in management and leadership skills. Through experience managing tournaments, matches and their role in the team, the girls learn to manage the activities in life more widely.
  •  Educate girls on issues of sexual and reproductive health. The players are at an age particularly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and good need health education is needed to avoid unsafe sex and early pregnancies.
  •  Help girls to stay in school for longer. Girls football is such an interesting and exciting adventure in Uganda, which one would not like to miss. Hence, while at school, football makes every moment of their lives precious and exciting.
  • Help girls learn to socialise with other adolescents from other schools. This will teach them to deal with the challenges they encounter in their adolescent life. They need to share everyday life experiences with friends and to belong to significant communities of interaction, inquiry, work and play.
The CLHG are aiming to raise £3,700 for Emitos, which will help buy everything from balls and boots to workshops on reproductive heath and HIV/AIDS. If you'd like to donate, you can do so via this fundraising page. And if you're based in London, you can also help by attending a book sale tomorrow evening (Wednesday 9th) at Amnesty's Human Rights Action Centre in Shoreditch, 4-9pm. There'll be an excellent selection of second hand books to choose from (we've sent a stack from the NH office), as well as several signed copies of new books including The Atheist's Guide to Christmas by Ariane Sherine, Against the Faith: Some Deists, Sceptics and Atheists by Jim Herrick and On Humanism by Richard Norman, which have been donated by their authors.


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