Tuesday, 10 November 2009

UN urged to dump defamation of religion treaty

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The Rationalist Association has joined more than 100 other organisations in signing up to a statement urging the UN member states not to support a binding treaty against "defamation of religion". Read it here. Since 1999 the UN has continuously passed a series of non-binding resolutions, but now moves are afoot - pushed by countries keen to protect themselves from criticism for human rights abuses - to turn this into a binding permanent treaty. Its coming to a head now: A preliminary vote on the resolution is expected before the end of November, and a
final plenary vote in mid-December.

This is why we have joined with hundreds of other groups - religious and not - to urge the UN to abandon the notion of religious defamation altogether. As the statement says: "Such resolutions provide international support for domestic laws against blasphemy and 'injury to religious feelings', which are often abused by governments to punish the peaceful expression of disfavored political or religious beliefs and ideas."

We can only hope someone pays attention.


kevin said...

I hope this Defamtion of religion will be in the bin for good. you go Humanist.

Eiskrystal said...

If they get this nonsense through, i'm becoming a pastafarian. They won't win, we will just manipulate it to our own ends.
No law will make me respect religion, it will only prove that it is whiny, indefensible rubbish and that gods need constant protection from the evils of reality to even be taken seriously.

All powerful deities my ass. As if anyone could respect such pathetic creatures.