Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Adnan Oktar presents video commercial for New Humanist

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This is the best thing we've seen in a long, long time, if not ever – in response to our exposé, "Sex, flies and videotape: the secret lives of Harun Yahya" in the September/October issue, Turkish creationist Yahya, aka Adnan Oktar, analyses a copy of New Humanist in an edition of his online TV programme (it has English subtitles):

Truly wonderful, isn't it? He's basically provided us with our very own infomercial. And, speaking of our Oktar exposé, we've just added a Turkish version - Adnan Oktar'nin gercek yuzunu gormek icin, buraya tiklayin

Lastly, don't forget that Oktar is one of the nominees for our 2009 Bad Faith Award, which you can vote in at the top right of this page. The Pope's currently leading, but surely this video has raised Adnan's chances?


Zeno said...

Congratulations! A great advert.

The Heresiarch said...

Yes indeed. I'm really jealous.

Anonymous said... video codes & great harunyahya adv. :)

Mert Ademoğlu said...

the new humanist editor!
that you have made a good ad for :)

Roger Davidson said...

I like how he seems to be insinuating that NH is published by Satanists: "...and they have a picture of the Devil on the cover with a three-pronged stick...and a blood-covered can see what kind of people we're dealing with..." Interesting that his criticism seems mainly based on pictures used, as opposed to anything actually written in there. Good job you didn't use any pictures of fishing hooks by way of argument in that issue, otherwise he'd have had us all for breakfast!

Paul Sims said...

And don't forget Roger that the "so-called statue of Prophet Jesus covered in blood" ("so-called statue" - I love it!) was used to illustrate your article on gory religious art, so really should be honoured.

Roger Davidson said...

I am humbled and honoured in the extreme to be denounced by this great man!

mindo said...

love harun yahya great author.NH is deliberately misguiding about HY.Don't like darwinism to be refuted ha? :) Well sorry for that but it's game over for the darwinian evolution.

Zeno said...


Great joke! Got any others?