Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Why not have a flutter on who's next to jump the Scientology ship?

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I learn via Damian Thompson's blog (not a blog with which my interests often converge, it has to be said), that bookmakers Paddy Power, who seem to pride themselves on taking bets on bizarre subjects, have opened a market on which celebrity will be the next to leave the Church of Scientology. This follows yesterday's news that a French court had convicted and fined the Church's French operation for fraud, as well as the news that the award-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis (writing credits include Crash and Casino Royale) has decided to leave the Church.

So who's worth a punt? Well, here are the odds:

9/4 John Travolta
3/1 Katie Holmes
4/1 Lisa Marie Presley
6/1 Jason Lee
8/1 Priscilla Presley
10/1 Chaka Khan
12/1 Nancy Cartwright
14/1 Brandy
18/1 Beck
25/1 Kirstie Alley
50/1 Tom Cruise

You'll notice John Travolta is the favourite, which is perhaps unsurprising given the rumours that have circulated ever since the death of his son Jett earlier this year.

To this, all I can say is come on John - we loved you in Grease, we loved you even more in Pulp Fiction. Face/Off was great and, you know what? Some of us even loved you in Broken Arrow. And we'll love you even more if you do this.

As for the others, by all means put a couple of quid on Cruise at 50/1, but I wouldn't hold your breath...


Peter Magellan said...

Ah, but he also did Battlefield Earth, which cancels out all the good stuff. And then some...