Thursday, 22 October 2009

US skeptic Michael Shermer puts Bill Maher straight on vaccinations

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Here's something that's well worth a look – following on from my coverage of Bill Maher's receipt of the Atheist Alliance International's 2009 Richard Dawkins Award, and the controversy that has caused because of Maher's anti-science views on some issues, especially vaccinations (he's been "advising" people not to get a swine flu jab), I think you'll enjoy reading top US skeptic Michael Shermer's open letter to Maher, which tries to set the comedian straight on the issue of vaccines:
"Vaccination is one of science’s greatest discoveries. It is with considerable irony, then, that as a full-throated opponent of the nonsense that calls itself Intelligent Design, your anti-vaccination stance makes you something of an anti-evolutionist. Since you have been so vocal in your defense of the theory of evolution, I implore you to be consistent in your support of the theory across all domains and to please reconsider your position on vaccinations. It was not unreasonable to be a vaccination skeptic in the 1880s, which the co-discovered of natural selection—Alfred Russel Wallace—was, but we’ve learned a lot over the past century. Evolution explains why vaccinations work. Please stop denying evolution in this special case."
That's just a sample, so be sure to read the rest. Here's hoping Maher takes notice of it - he does apparently think of himself as a skeptic, after all.


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