Thursday, 15 October 2009

Intriguing development in Simon Singh libel case

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In what appears to have been a mistake on their part, the British Chiropractic Association this morning published a press release on their website which stated that it "was maliciously attacked by [Simon Singh] in the Guardian newspaper". This quickly spread around the internet, with both Jack of Kent and Index on Censorship reporting on it. Before long, the wording on the BCA website was changed, with the press release now saying that "the BCA was libelled by Dr Singh".

So what is the significance of this? Well, Jack of Kent says that the suggestion that Singh acted with malicious intent is "a shocking and serious (and indeed defamatory) accusation, which the BCA have never before made and has not been any part of their case to date". He has written to both the BCA and their PR company for clarification of what was meant in the now-removed press relase, so it's well-worth keeping up to date with his blog for further news. The word online is that this latest development could have legal implications for the BCA's case - here's the latest tweet from Jack of Kent:
"This was the day the BCA case came to an end. @SLSingh only now needs to threaten to countersue. The BCA cannot justify that clear meaning."
It seems fair to say that the plot has thickened...

Update: Read Jack of Kent's latest blog post on the significance of the BCA's press release - "It may be that Simon refuses to counter sue and allows the BCA case to continue with their case. That is entirely a matter for him. But, in my view, the moment he chooses to do so will surely be when this case ends. That really was a misconceived press release."