Monday, 12 October 2009

Dawkins v Bill O'Reilly

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We all know Richard Dawkins won't give creationists the pleasure of "debating" with them ( "it will look better on your CV than mine"), but it seems that wise rule doesn't completely prevent him from tackling idiocy head-on – here he is appearing recently on Fox News with the odious Bill O'Reilly, and not for the first time:

So Jesus's teachings were good, so there's no need to think evolution is true, okay?


davidmww said...

To be fair to Bill O'Reilly (I never thought I'd write those words!), he does say in this inteview that he believes in evolution - albeit the "guided" variety.

~~HA~~ said...

I didn't realise the extent of hardcore Christian thought that goes around America until I started to watch this stuff on youtube.

Anyway, another book by Dawkins... Can't say I enjoyed the last one, but this one seems to play to his strengths.

Keith Sloan said...

The questions I always want to ask these Christians is. "Why did God wait over 14 billion years after creating the Universe before sending his son to earth" Does not make any sense to me. Also "Christianity to means that God has a special relationship with man - Yet everything points to there being nothing special about man and his place in the Universe". Sure there was probably somebody called Jesus who was a very good spiritual leader - but son of God - Sorry no - just peoples delusion.

DT Strain said...

I think O'Reilly was channeling Michael Scott (the Office) here lol. It is, thankfully, rare to encounter such an incredibly ludicrous mind.

Ennui Anonymous said...

Ludicrous or not, Dawkins didn't win this one. He got about 30 seconds speaking time in a 5-minute slot. Of course O'Reilly is flawed, but Dawkins' integrity and honesty leaves him looking so flat and uninspired here.