Monday, 26 October 2009

Agnostics ponder atheist invitation

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In a gesture which dramatically parallels the recent “come-and-join-us” invitation from the Pope to disaffected Anglicans, the Rationalist Association has opened its door to thousands of can’t-quite-decide agnostics. A spokesperson for the RA (publisher of New Humanist) pointed out that many agnostics had been unhappy for years about the manner in which their uncertainty about God’s existence played into the hands of religious apologists.

New recruits to the RA were given some reassurances. “We are,” said the spokesperson, “not at all averse to agnostics maintaining some traditional forms of speech, such as ‘You can’t help feeling that there is something up there’, but obviously they’ll be expected to gradually forsake their uncertainty about who made the world.”

In a further gesture of conciliation, the spokesperson confirmed that new recruits would not initially be expected to recognise the infallibility of Richard Dawkins.


Anonymous said...

Well, I personally welcome the news. I think that, like many agnostics, it's good to keep your options open and the more options there are the better.
People throw scorn at uncertainty and yet it's given us microchips, flash memory, and that bubbly feeling in the pit of your stomach.
I think the option to initially forgo the infallibility of Richard Dawkins is a boon for agnostics everywhere because, quite frankly, when he gets going it's like watching a sadistic school boy pull the legs off a daddy-long-legs.

Anonymous said...

I think I want to be in a religion with Anonymous.

bender.oh said...

I am uncertain if I am agnostic or atheist.

Am I invited too?

Anonymous said...


ElZigZag said...
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ElZigZag said...

I'm technically agnostic, but I behave as an atheist. I don't find that too hard to swallow since in my mind I understand they answer two different questions:
• Does God exist? I don't know (agnostic)
• Do you believe in he/she/it/they? Nope (atheist).

So I guess this is good news, really good. I think we can't be separated by something which doesn't even happen to exist.

ElZigZag said...

or at least he/she/it/they do/doesn't show up to say anything in his/her/its/their defence.
Wow that's complicated.

Arnfinn Pettersen said...

Me, I´m both.

I´m an agnostic, because the nonexistence of a god is unproveable (as is then nonexistence of Nessie). So there has to be a tiny crack left open in that door. If not, it becomes a dogma. And I don´t like those.

On the other hand I firmly believe there is no god. So I´m an atheist too.

Anonymous said...

the questions for agnostic is, do you believe in the posibility of a god? yes = agnostic, no = atheist

do you believe in god? yes = religious, no = agnostic or atheist

Anonymous said...


the questions for agnostic is,
1) do you believe in the posibility of a god? yes = agnostic or religious, no = atheist

2) do you believe in god? yes = religious, no = agnostic or atheist

so if you answer yes to the first and no to the second you are agnostic, no to both you are an atheist and yes to both you are religious

Æddius said...

I don't know what's my label. The categories are not so clear, or may be I don't pay to much attention to something in which I don't believe, to something which doesn´t affect my life, to someone who just doesn't seem to care for the world. I don't believe, but maybe there are gods, maybe the gods are a bit more lazy than we'd usually expect... With gods or without them I simply don't believe, although technically the possibility still exists. To me it doesn't matter to be with atheists, and to learn from them, since practically I'm atheist, and me too I behave atheistically. I think Atheists and Agnostics should be together, so I agree with the proposition.
Thanks Anonymous for your explanation, but I think an Agnostic, when asked whether is there a possibility for gods to exist, would answer I don't know instead of Yes.

Richard Eis said...

Perhaps if they offered a free fence with seat attachment when you join. I'm sure that would work wonders on recruitment ;)

Anonymous said...

Well as for not being able to disprove a negative (can’t disprove Nessie doesn’t exist) well Bertrand Russell dealt with that in his invisible celestial teapot argument. You can’t prove a negative, that doesn’t meant that because you can disprove something that it means it exist. Still, agnostics and athiests are heading the same way which is a good thing I would have thought.

Javier de Mercedes said...

Ha, the fence with a sit built-in! As an Agnostic I only sit on that seat when asked about the possibility of gods' existence... the rest of day I play on the Atheist side of the garden with my FELLOW Atheists, Brights, Naturalists, Freethinkers, Skeptics, Non-believers, Anti-theists, Apatheists, Ignostics, Non-theists, Post-theists and the like!

Qohelet said...

How about us faitheists? When will the RA extend an olive branch to us accommodationists? :)

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

The great schism is healed