Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pope Tour 2010: Pontification for the Nation

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We had a bit of fun on Twitter yesterday afternoon following the announcement that Pope Benedict XVI will be coming to the UK in 2010. Deciding that, like all good rock tours (he may well play Wembley Stadium, after all), the Pope's tour will need a snappy title (a la U2's current 360° Tour, the Rolling Stones' A Bigger Bang Tour, etc), we set our Twitter followers the task of coming up with one. To get things started we threw a few out there:
The Pontification for the Nation Tour
The Highway to Heaven Tour
The Faith, Pope and Charity Tour
The Papal Bull in a China Shop Tour
The Communion for the Union Tour
And here are some of the best suggestions we received (Twitter user in brackets):
The Ratzo Roadshow (@Heresy_Corner)
A Bigger Hat Tour (@andyh2o)
The Masses to Masses Tour (@carlhardcastle)
The Immaculate Misconception Tour (@kevinwakley)
Preach the Controversy Tour (@paulmadsen)
The More in Pope than Expectation Tour (@andyh2o)
Roman Holiday Tour (@copwatcher)
The Liturgical Mystery Tour (@Heresy_Corner)
Live Crusade (@MerseyMal)
The Kiss my Ring Tour (@djhanks)
Holypalooza (@facesake)
The Pope-a-Dope Tour (@gavmcdermott)
On top of the tour name game, both @paulwooding1973 and @thesophie raised the issue of what would be on the Pope's tour rider (2 x Holy Water, 12 wafers, amulet of wine, 3 incense sticks and a sceptre, said Wooding), while we had numerous suggestions for support acts (Black Sabbath, Lost Prophets, The Shamen...).

Plus, it was suggested that October 2010 might be a good time for a second wave of the Atheist Bus Campaign – perhaps even an Atheist Pope Mobile Campaign. @atheistcrow kindly mocked up an appropriate photo.

And finally, not everyone was getting excited about Pope Tour 2010. Here's what @ACrispix had to say:
"Not attending the #PopeTour as can't handle papal fanboys saying they were there in '82 and it was so much better."
We'll leave it at that for now. Let's just say we can't wait until next year. If you have any more suggestions, leave them as comments on this post. You can never have too many Pope gags.


Brett said...

Let the tour begin! I suppose here in Spain 'El Papa' will get close to his usual welcome.

There are though some encouraging signs in this part of the world that the church's influence on society is continuing to slowly slide.

I refer to one example of this in my blog:

Anonymous said...

Invictus_88 said...

What on earth is an "amulet of wine"?

SgtSkepper said...

The first thing that came to mind was a repeat of Michael Jackson's planned "This is It!" tour perhaps better retitled "This is Shit!"