Monday, 7 September 2009

Oh come all ye faithless The return of Nine Lessons

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15 September Update: Richard Dawkins to guest on Saturday 19 December.

14 September update
Truly Nine lessons is the gift that keeps on giving. Here are the latest names added to the bill: Richard Wiseman ('quirkologist') [15 and 19 Dec], Shappi Khorsandi (comic and author) [15 Dec only], Natalie Haynes (brilliant stand-up and writer) [17 and 18 Dec], Jo Neary (oddball humourist) [15, 16, 17 and 19 Dec], Johnny Ball ( think of a number!)[15, 16 and 17 Dec] and Alan Moore (creator of cult comics The Watchmen and V for Vendetta) [16 Dec only].

11 Sept update
: Special guests just added: John Otway (uncategorisable punk-folk madman, legendary live performer) [all shows except 19 Dec], Brian Cox (he was in D:Ream, but now he's made up for it by becoming a particle physicist and finding out how the universe works at CERN) [15 and 16 Dec only] and... cue drum roll... Barry Cryer (legend, he wrote jokes for Tommy Cooper ya know) with Ronnie Golden [15, 16 and 19 Dec only]. More guest will be announced Monday. Tickets, by the way, are selling fast, I think Fri and Sat are sold out already, so move quick if you want to come.

Monday 7 Sept
Okay peeps - I've just come back from lunch with Robin Ince (that's him in the pic) and had a sneaky peek of the line-up for our rational Xmas jamboree Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People. Some really mouth-watering acts. It's a lot to take in so we thought we'd give it to you in bite-size chunks... here's the starter. The following are confirmed performers for every night of the five-day run (15-19 December 2009, Bloomsbury Theatre, London).
Richard Herring (he of the widely-acclaimed show at Edinburgh which ISN't racist, Brian Logan take note); Chris Addison (star of In The Thick of It, and excellent stand-up somewhat reminisicent of your favourite physics teacher only with better jumpers); Josie Long (uncategorisable, charming stand-up comic); Simon Singh (will he be talking about chiropractic?); Ben Goldacre (Bad Science guy); Robyn Hitchcock (the singer songwriter's singer-songwriter); Gavin Osborn (the comedy song-writer whose songs are actually funny, and musical); Martin White's Mystery Fax Machine Chamber Orchestra (NB fax machines sold seperately) all wrangled by your angrily genial host Robin Ince.

This is just for starters, we'll be announcing more names and special guests on Thursday and in the next few weeks. I can't tell you the names yet but I think you'll recognise one or two.

Tickets are already going fast so bag yours on the Bloomsbury website. You don't want to miss out.


1minionsopinion said...

Sadly this Canuck will not be attending, but it sounds like a winner of a show.

Tor Hershman said...

Looks like a GREAT show.

Here's a godless/satanless paordy song a la The Beatles stylings

Anonymous said...

oh please please please run another one a few days later...I'm coming all the way from Western Australia and well annoyed I'll be missing it by just 2-3 days!!

Have fun, all those lucky people who do get to go!

dave said...

Is Dawkins appearing on Sat 19th December or Tuesday 15th December?

Paul Sims said...

Dave, well spotted thanks for that. It's the Saturday, the 19th.

dave said...

That's a shame as the Saturday tickets seem to now be sold out :(