Tuesday, 22 September 2009

“Mums go to Iceland, Jesus goes to Aldi”, etc...

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As you may know, at New Humanist we love the Church of England's ongoing efforts to appear relevant in 21st century Britain. And this latest attempt by the Bishop of Reading, as part of their Back to Church Sunday initiative, has to rank as one of our all-time favourites:
"How did it come to this, that we have become known as just the Marks and Spencer option when in our heart of hearts we know that Jesus would just as likely be in the queue at Asda or Aldi? That’s so frustrating. Jesus got us started with church simply. Like this: sitting us down in groups on the grass and telling simple stories. Not simplistic. But certainly not complicated. All his first disciples were down-to-earth people who wanted to know what life was all about."
[Thanks to Christina Martin for the headline]


Joe Hayhurst said...

Wasn't he supposedly a descendant of King David? Therefore more likely to be a Harrods man I would have thought...

Luckily for him, being able to turn water into wine means he would be able to avoid the cheap nasty plonk they sell in Aldi and Lidl though.

Colin said...

I'm reminded of Stephen Fry's remark that at xmas we celebrate the miracle of a little baby born in a humble stable in the middle-east, who would one day grow up to own Harrod's.

But I think descendants of King David prefer Marks & Spencer.