Friday, 18 September 2009

James Hemming Essay Prize 2010

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Earlier this year New Humanist, along with the British Humanist Association and the South Place Ethical Society, awarded the inaugural James Hemming Essay Prize, in memory of the leading British humanist Sir James Hemming, who died in 2007 at the age of 98. The winner was Alex Mace of Ripley St Thomas CE High School, with 2nd and 3rd prizes going to Sam Dennis of Cockermouth School and Joshua Brown of University College School. All the markers were hugely impressed by the quality of the winning entries, which you can read online at the Essay Prize website.

We're now inviting entries for the 2010 competition, under the following question:

'Tolerance, good temper and sympathy - they are what matter really.' (E M Forster, What I Believe, 1939). Discuss.

In 1939 the famous humanist, novelist and essayist E M Forster wrote in his essay, What I Believe, 'Tolerance, good temper and sympathy - they are what matter really, and if the human race is not to collapse they must come to the front before long.' What do you think he meant? Do you agree with him or not? Why?

Entries will be accepted from any student at a UK school or college studying for AS or A2 levels or qualifications at the same level (eg intermediate 1, intermediate 2, higher, advanced higher etc) who will not have passed his or her 19th birthday by 26th March 2010.

The James Hemming Essay Prize awards are:

1st Prize £1000
2nd Prize £500
3rd Prize £250
Prize winners will receive their awards in London in July/August 2010. The prize money is provided by the South Place Ethical Society. Prize winners will also receive books from the British Humanist Association and a year's subscription to New Humanist. The prize winner's college or school will receive books from the British Humanist Association and a free online subscription to New Humanist.

Essays, of no more than 1,500 words, are to be submitted by 26 March 2010, along with a completed entry form (full details and form download at the Prize website).


mogsmar5 said...

What a coincidence, as an A-Level student I've been looking around for essay competitions for ages and then one appears magically in my feed reader. I would say it was a godsend, if I believed in that sort of thing...

Anonymous said...

It says "Deadline: 26th March 2009" at the bottom.. I thought this was 2010?