Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Benedict XVI to visit the UK (in a year's time)

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Big news people - the Pope's just announced a UK tour (he does have an album coming out, after all). It's not happening until October 2010, but we're still excited. Of course, it's much bigger news for Catholics, but it will be great for us too. In fact, I'd say it'll be the biggest thing to happen to the New Humanist blog since Sarah Palin became John McCain's running mate.

See you next year, Holy Father.

PS - We've started a little game on Twitter. If U2 are on their 360° Tour, the Rolling Stones have had their A Bigger Bang Tour, Metallica had a World Magnetic Tour, etc, then what's the Pope's UK tour going to be called? We've had lots of suggestions so far - The Immaculate Misconception Tour, The Ratzo Road Show, The Masses to Masses Tour. Get involved - leave a comment here, or tweet with the hashtag #PopeTour.


Anonymous said...

What "masses"? I mean, considering that the church is loosing followers here in Europe...

On my edge sun said...

If the tour was to end in Yorkshire, I'd like to think they'd call it; 'The Eck yer'mental Tour' (hrmm maybe ecumenical doesn't go so well)

Or how about; 'The Doc Trine-Devine, been addicted to wine? Tour'?
(hrmm maybe too long).

Or maybe, just simply (and following in the footsteps of Keane's 2004 Hopes and Fears tour ); 'The Popes and Fears Tour'.