Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sex - Catholic Univeristy style

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This morning my attention was drawn, via Twitter, to a fascinating article on the Catholic University in Washington DC, and the attempts of its hierarchy (and a few particularly zealous undergraduates) to clamp down on the sex lives of its students. Pretty much anything you can think of is banned - sex, masturbation, condoms – but this doesn't mean it's all effectively enforced. Plenty of students are disobeying and fighting back – particularly interesting is the section on the campaign to make sure there are plenty of condoms knocking about on campus.

And if you enjoy that piece, you should also read this follow-up article. The University's rules used to imply that sexual assault was banned in the same way as consensual sex, which suffice to say attracted a good deal of negative publicity, not least in the article mentioned above. Now they've clarified their position - tough on sex, but even tougher on rape.

[via @athinkingman]