Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Simon Singh's chiropractic piece published en masse

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Following the lead of COSMOS magazine, New Humanist today joins in a coordinated effort to publish Simon Singh's Guardian piece on chiropractic. We've published it on the New Humanist website – it has been edited to remove references to the British Chiropractic Association, who are currently suing Simon for libel over the original Guardian piece. As that original article is part of an ongoing legal case, there is no option but to edit out that section in this instance. Nevertheless, the piece retains Simon's key concerns about the validity of chiropractic in treating a wide range of conditions, and the potential medical dangers related to such practices.

Today's mass publication is being coordianted by Sense About Science as part of the Keep Libel Laws Out Of Science campaign, and it is hoped that a large number of publications and blogs across the world will join in with this move to demonstrate that bringing legal proceedings against a science writer will not lead to the closing down of free debate.

The Skeptic website has been keeping track of places where the piece has already been published - hopefully they will continue to update that over the course of today.


ZACL said...

I am not familiar with this case however, is it not significant that the Association of Chiropractors is just that, an Association. In the UK it is Osteopaths who have a Royal Charter, that too, appears to me to be highly significant.

Why has one similar alternative therapy practice been considered differently to the other?

I do not detract from the practice of chiropractors, I raise a serious point and ask a relevant question.

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Chiropractor said...

The story about Simon Singh never stops. Chiropractic is getting famous because of Simon Singh. Because some people is trying chiropractor just to prove who is telling the truth. Simon or the BCA.

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Thinking Chimp said...

Your lack of coherence in your sentence says more about your chiropractic 'services' than Mr Singh could ever do.