Thursday, 9 July 2009

Religious pamphleteers try reverse psychology

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So I picked this leaflet up on the train this morning - it was clear that either secularists had started counter-leafleting the Christians outside stations (the natural progression of counter-bus-advertising perhaps? Soon to be followed by counter-sandwich-boarding?), or the Christians had discovered reverse psychology.

Naturally it was the latter. You open the leaflet up, and it explains that, actually, being a religious fanatic is a good thing, because "being consumed by anything in our lives qualifies us for the title fanatic". It then goes on to explain that "This pamphlet (for instance) was handed to you by a genuine religious fanatic" (and they wonder why people cross the road to avoid them).

And if you consider yourself just plain old "religious", you may be sorry to hear that's not enough:
"The religious fanatic who handed you this pamphlet wants you to know that there is a BIG (as in huge, large and vast) difference between being 'religious' and having a relationship with God (who loves us lots). God wants us to look to him as number one, before anything or anyone else ... to find our security and self worth in God alone."
And presumably once you've found that relationship with God, you can start handwriting leaflets with a black felt tip pen, photocopying them and handing them out at train stations.

So which particular group of "fanatics" (or solitary "fanatic") produced this leaflet? That honour goes to Jews for Jesus, who aim to convert Jews to Christianity (lucky them). It's worth looking at their website, as it explains who they are while also offering you this hilarious gag:
Sometimes people ask us, "How long has Jews for Jesus been around?" We love that question because it gives us the chance to grin and say: "Since 32 A.D., give or take a year."
Ah those Jews for Jesus - such jokers!


Grumpy Bob said...

I hope they try that in Ireland - might lead to the first test case for the blasphemy law.

Richard Eis said...

But mummy, i'm starving and i'm cold...

shh dear...god comes first.

Joe Hayhurst said...

Why no 'Muslims for Jesus' then?


Anonymous said...

I agree with them in one sense - wy would you be religious and NOT be a fanatic?

Frankly, if I really believed god was real and that the bible was worth believing in, I like to think it would consume my whole life. I mean it would be pretty astounding. I wonder how people can really be religious and go about normal lives, jobs etc. Wouldn't absolutely everything else be insignificant?

It'd be like if I suddenly discovered ghosts, vampires, elves or magic was real. In fact, it'd be pretty much exactly the same thing.

Anonymous said...

"God wants us to look to him as number one, before anything or anyone else ... to find our security and self worth in God alone."

He's pretty insecure, isn't he?

C Woods said...

In my neighborhood, the fanatics leave the pamphlets in the door ---and run. I never see them ---which is just as well. In my neck of the (back)woods, if I told them what I really think (and I probably wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut) I might be dead by the next morning.