Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Palin's book to come in "standard" and "Christian"

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Sarah Palin - remember her? This blog became Palin central for a while last year (35 or so posts were about her), but from pretty much the moment Obama won the election she's seemed like ancient history.

But now she seems to be trying to reverse the fact that she's Palin into insignificance (sorry) – just this weekend she bizarrely announced her early resignation from her position as governor of Alaska, and now I learn via the Friendly Atheist blog that she is working on an autobiography, for which she is rumoured to have received an advance as large as $7 million.

But she's not just working on one book. Oh no. She will produce one version for publishing giant HarperCollins, and another "special edition" for Christian publishing house Zondervan, "that may include supplemental material on faith".

The Friendly Atheist is asking which version will sell the most – he thinks the Christian version, and it's hard to disagree. I mean, if it includes the inside track on that anti-witchcraft blessing, I might even have to get my hands on a copy.


SilverTiger said...

I believe it has been suggested that she is resigning her current post in order to concentrate on preparing for a presidential bid.

If that proves to be the case then I think the most appropriate advice is "Be afraid, be very afraid..."

Anonymous said...

Might be a amusing trick, to go and switch the cover sleeves of the books.

AT said...

Her reasons for resigning are, hilariously, confused, but the NY Times points to her legal bills (as a result of several ethics investigations during her tenure) as a major factor in her decision:


She is comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

An autobiography? What has she done? City council member, mayor, governer (by all accounts doing a crap job of all of them), and then showed herself to be an idiot to the world as VP candidate. While it's not exactly the history of most people, it's hardly astonishing. McCain, disturbing man that he is, is someone who has lived a long and interesting enough life to warrant an autobiography. Palin hasn't, not yet at least.

Plus, does anyone truly believe that she could manage to write a whole book all by herself? Nooooooope.

Garkbit said...

I find it hard to imagine she coule _read_ a book all by herself!