Wednesday, 22 July 2009


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This is a very quick post to pass on this story from the Telegraph, just sent to me by Christina Martin, which comes under the following headline:

Vicar's underwear used for bunting

A village fete has been forced to replace bunting with pairs of pants, including the vicar's, after the budget for the event was cut.
And that is indeed the story. The fete in Langton Herring, Dorset, was short of cash, so they decided to use the vicar's – and other villagers' – smalls instead. Here's fete committee member Amanda King to explain:
"We all thought that life is a bit of pants these days so how appropriate to fly pants instead of bunting."
It strikes me as fortunate that the organiser are polite, rural C of E'ers, as a slightly different form of that metaphor could have resulted in something more unsavoury than the parson's undies adorning the streets of Langton Herring...


nullifidian said...

I've got to give you kudos for the post title! ;-)

It does lead me to wonder what mormons might have done in the same situation.

Paul Sims said...

Thanks - with posts like this, you need a good pun just to make them worthwhile!