Monday, 20 July 2009

God Trumps on the radio

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A game of God Trumps took place on Radio 4 yesterday, as creator Christina Martin and NH editor Caspar Melville appeared on the Sunday show to discuss the release of our exclusive blasphemous card packs. Those of you who prefer not to be up at 7am listening to Radio 4 on a Sunday morning can listen again via BBC iPlayer [UK only, we're afraid]. Simply follow this link to the Sunday show and flick to 30mins 50secs to hear Caspar and Christina.

Remember, if you want to get your heathen hands on a pack of God Trumps there are only two ways – by subscribing to New Humanist, or by buying our current July/August issue and then the September/October issue from your nearest branch of Borders (part one of God Trumps are on the front of the current issue, and the second part will be on the next issue). God Trumps are not sold separately from the magazine.


yGns said...

Any chance of a non-UK mirror?

Anonymous said...

works for me from outside the uk anyway

Claire said...

How do you/can you get God Trumps in the Americas?

Caspar Melville said...

Hi Claire
the answer to your questions is that you subscribe to new Humanist magazine, and we send them to you free!
Go here: