Thursday, 2 July 2009

Get your God Trumps

Dear reader, our blog has moved to a new address.

Do come on over (and change your bookmarks accordingly):

If this blog has seemed quiet lately, it's because we've been finishing off our July issue, which is now with the printers and due out next week. Inside you'll be able to read Laurie Taylor tackling Dawkins' biggest critic, Terry Eagleton – he flew out to Dublin to interview him, and we can assure you he didn't let him off lightly. There's also insight into an Afro-Cuban drumming cult, Fiona Russell Powell tracking down cult rocker and "living work of art" Genesis P-Orridge (never heard of him before? Me neither – but here's a good place to start), Jonathan Rée assessing the legacy of Isaiah Berlin, our special summer humanist quiz, and much much more.

But it's what's on the outside of the magazine that people are talking about this time – due to popular demand, we've produced limited edition packs of our metaphysical card game God Trumps and there's only one way to get them – subscribe to New Humanist. The first 12 cards and a special box are mounted on the cover of the July issue, and the second 12 will be mounted on the September issue. Don't miss out - subscribe to New Humanist today.


Alistair Scott said...

Will overseas subscribers get the packet? I hope so as we're itching to play here a few rounds on the other side of the Channel

nullifidian said...

How can nobody have heard of Genesis P Orrige? C'mon, Throbbing Gristle? Psychic TV? Kids these days...

Looking forward to it, and most definitely the God Trumps!