Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Florida newspaper's Scientology exposé

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If you haven't already seen Florida newspaper the St Petersburg Times' brave and unprecedented exposé of Scientology, we strongly urge you to take a look. In a three part special report, the paper draws on the first-hand accounts of former senior Scientologists Mike Rinder, Mark C. "Marty" Rathbun, Tom De Vocht and Amy Scobe, who are the highest ranking members of the Church to ever defect and speak out about the inner workings of the secretive organisation.

The result is a hugely detailed report which seems to confirm many of the accusations levelled at the notoriously litgious Church since it was formed in the 1950s. It includes allegations that Scientology leader David Miscavaige regularly hit memebers of the Church's staff, as well as details regarding the death of 36-year-old Scientologist Lisa McPherson while in the Church's care in 1995.

This is a brave piece of journalism from the St Petersburg Times, and the paper deserves the plaudits it has been receiving from around the world.


George Jelliss said...

Every time I open New Humanist blog now I get a message saying "You have chosen to download" something. But I haven't!
Is this your fault or because I've "upgraded" to IE8?

The Heresiarch said...

Fortunately they don't have Mr Justice Eady in Florida.

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't demonize Scientology, because it IS a good thing. And probably the only hope of mankind to become sensible enough to survive on this planet together with the planet and each other. Only those, who have themselves things to hide are the ones, who fiercely attack Scientology. ONLY THOSE. So, why don't we find out for ourselves what it really is? That would be more sensible, than to write stupid things about it in newspapers...

Anonymous said...

how could this annonymous person say that scientology is a good thing with out even citing any facts or giving any direction or evidence on their opinion for being under attack. maybe the people from the scientology church should stop stalking people for making a comment about the church. If I was in Utah and I wrote or said a strongly factual and offensive statement about the Mormon or Moron church how ever you consider after you thuroughly study the facts and their "special" books... they would be hunting me down for death as the scientology "hired" men are doing now in florida