Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Angels with Gloria Hunniford

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I once applied online for tickets to a Mock the Week recording, and ever since I've been receiving emails every few days offering me tickets to what can only be politely described as recordings for crap shows (I didn't get the Mock the Week tickets, presumably because that's a good show). Now this would usually be of no interest to this blog – after all, everyone gets pointless emails so why should you care about mine? But I really do feel the need to share the details of my latest invitation to join a student audience – for Angels with Gloria Hunniford. Here's the lowdown:

Hosted by the ever-popular Gloria Hunniford, Angels investigates the phenomenon of Angels and Angelic power.

The series uses dramatic reconstructions to tell stories of real life angelic experiences; each is uplifting and inspiring acting as the perfect tonic for today’s turbulent times. A panel of experts, including angel expert Glennyce Eckersley, discuss the evidence in a bid to discover if there really are ‘Angels All Around Us’.

The show will be recorded at the Sky Studios in Osterley, West London at 7.15pm this week - on Wednesday 10th, Thursday 11th, Friday 12th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th June. Booking is now open so if you would like to join Gloria in the studio, then apply now!
Sounds like that show needs a rational audience. If you happen to have way too much time on your hands you could always apply. Surely there'll be plenty of tickets going begging? Unless of course the entire population has undergone a collective lobotomy, and no one's bothered to tell me about it.

Also, I naturally felt compelled to look up "angel expert" Glennyce Eckersley – according to her website she's the author of An Angel at my Shoulder, Angels and Miracles, Children and Angels, Saved by the Angels and Teenangel. And how did she become an "angel expert", I hear you ask? Well, it turns out that her previous career in cancer research just wasn't for her, so she turned to the more vital pursuit of producing bestselling, definitely factual, material on angels.


Joyce said...

If ever a reason was needed for boycotting Sky surely this is it!

LJH said...

In other words, if you don't like the difficult real world, why not join us for a retreat into complete fantasy?

As if there wasn't enough to get depressed about at the moment...

Christina Martin said...

"A panel of experts"

Love it

Dave said...

I have absolutely no objection to people believing in angels, a long as they accept that they don't have the right to be offended if I piss myself laughing at them

AT said...

'Teenangel'. Hilarious.

clare harrison said...

Fantasy, you lot need your heads testing, angels and guides ARE real, open your minds you closed minded souls! Oh i forgot i pity people like you who dont believe in yourselves or anything else for that matter, you are at the end of the evolutionary scale!

Andy said...

Haha, i read the first chapter of a friends book on angels.
Apparantly the author was running late for work, got stuck in a traffic jam and then her car broke down on the road.
She called out to all nearby angels for help... Luckily enough an ex car mechanic angel was lurking nearby, presumably awaiting any impromptu roadside repairs.
She was told to put her hands on the dash and channel her energy into the car... After the repair job she turned the key and the car started!!
Makes me smile :-)
PS Claire, i think you're getting "closed minded" mixed up with "rational"

David Lomax said...

If New Humanist is a "magazine for free thinkers", isn't it actually worth giving people who believe in angels a hearing rather than indulging in the rather snide and sarcastic remarks posted so far?

Or is there a fear at some level that there is a possibility that something that is not limited by the material might exist?

Isn't it possible to be a humanist and keep that possibility open? (If not, then the "free thinking" label seems a bit questionable).

mthbradley said...

'It is immaterial whether these exist or not. By doing certain things certain results will follow.'