Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Angels & Demons: the film of the year?

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Yes, we know Angels & Demons has been out for a few weeks, but we were so keen to hear our film reviewer Fred Rowson's take on it that we were willing to wait until he was able to send us his review. And we think it was worth it – here's the opening:
Rome. Helicopters. Religious iconography. Surely it's got to be the glorious opening sequence of La Dolce Vita? Well, not any more, because with Angels & Demons, Howard, Hanks and Brown have swept aside that little picture, turning it into a cinematic footnote.
Could Fred really think Angels & Demons is potentially the greatest film of all time? Read his review and find out...


George Jelliss said...

It's only Hokum for Heavens sake! It seems your reviewer, like many critics, really wanted to see a different film.

As I wrote on my blog: Contrary to reviews I've read I think Tom Hanks is just right for the role of the symbologist, Robert Langdon. He's not an athletic hero type like Indiana Jones or Jack Sparrow, nor an all-knowing master brain like Sherlock Holmes or Poirot, but just a modestly human academic carried along by crazy events.

I'd have thought he was a hero Humanists could identify with!