Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Which Pope are you?

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Have you ever laid in bed at night wondering how you'd run the Catholic Church? Or do you have genuine ambitions of taking the reins over in Vatican City? If so, you ought to have a go at Which Pope Am I?, our all-new Papal personality test devised by Christina Martin, comedian, writer and creator of our hugely popular God Trumps cards. Now you can find out whether you're destined to reign with an iron fist, split the Church in two, save the world, or go down in history as just plain weird. You can let us know which Pope you come out as by commenting on this post.

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This is the launch of our new website toy - expect lots more quizzes in the future (we're very excited about them, you see)


Christopher said...

I think some these questions are too smart for their own sake.

Leaving aside the validity of the observations made about various popes, I think it rather disingenuous to invoke the concept of infallibility when dealing with the behaviour of various popes. It has a very specific and limited meaning and does not imply that the popes are in any way incapable of sinning or have any higher privileges, just that when speaking ex cathedra (i.e. as the pope) he can cannot err in matters of doctrine.

Simon Bishop said...


You complained about the definition of papal infallibility, but didn't object to the accusation of paedophilia in answer 1A.

What conclusions should we draw?