Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More pig news

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Just for a moment, I want you to imagine being the only pig in Afghanistan. Because that's the role played by this poor porker, who's just been quarantined in Kabul Zoo in order to reassure visitors they wont catch swine flu from him/her. To be fair to the zoo staff, they don't actually think the pig is a danger, but they point out that many visitors wont have the required knowledge about swine flu and so may be worried they can catch it when they see the pig.

At least this pig, a gift from a zoo in China (why, with the whole animal kingdom to choose from, would you send a zoo in Afghanistan a pig?), has ended up with a better deal than the 400,000 pigs in Egypt, which look set to be culled by order of the government. But there's no doubt pigs have been getting a raw deal from the religious during this swine flu outbreak. Which leaves me thinking - maybe it's time humanists stood up for our porcine pals?


foolfodder said...

I read something somewhere that said that this flu that swine have is actually a human flu that we passed to them. So it's not really swine flu, it's human flu that swine have been keeping safe and warm for us all these years.

Seem even more harsh to be treating swine this way if we gave it to them in the first place.

SilverTiger said...

I agree absolutely that humanists should support their "porcine pals". I am not a humanist (though I am an atheist with sympathy for humanist ideals) precisely because of the lack of interest in other species shown by the humanist community.

Humanism is, after all, discriminatory by its very name.