Thursday, 7 May 2009

Just when we thought we might have something to agree with the Vatican on...

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Seldom do we have a reason to agree with the Vatican, but we were only saying in the NH office the other day that their alleged attempts to block the filming of the latest Dan Brown adaptation, Angels and Demons, might be an attempt at censorship that we can all get behind. After all, they described The Da Vinci Code, the first film in the series, as "an offence against God", and if "God" for the religious can be seen to represent all that is decent and good, then we're inclined to agree with them.

But now we learn from the Telegraph that Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano has reviewed Angels and Demons, and described it as a "harmless entertainment which hardly affects the genius and mystery of Christianity".

Perhaps we should let our own film critic Fred Rowson (if you've never read his reviews why not dip in here) loose on the film when it hits the screens this Friday.


AT said...

Dan Brown does almost as much damage to reason as the Catholic Church. Maybe they got together on this one; Brown's next book is gonna lay off the padres, and in return the Vatican claims his adapted films are 'entertainment'.

Keith Sloan said...

I watched "The Da Vinci Code" on DVD the other day. Thought it was brilliant entertainment. The Catholic Church should take an hike/jump. They do enormous harm to humanity with their views on contraception and stem cell research. Add to that the false indoctrination of millions and they are good for nothing

AT said...

Dan Brown is worse for humanity, on balance, than the Catholic Church.

There are calls he's worse than influenza. I wont judge.

There. It's been said.