Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Get ready to befriend the Pope on Facebook

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Here's some good news, courtesy of The Times' Faith Central blog - "A papal profile on Facebook. 'The Pope meets you on Facebook' is due to go live on May 24th".

Of course, it's bound to be Benedict XVI himself sat at a laptop dealing with all the friendship requests. And when all you heathens (who I trust are already fans of New Humanist on Facebook) send friend requests to His Holiness, the fact that Christianity is an evangelising faith will mean he has no choice but to accept.

[Unfortunately I was unable to find a picture of the current Pope at a computer, so instead I've included this fantastic picture of his predecessor]


Anonymous said...

"In a letter to be read at all Masses in Scotland this weekend, Bishop PhilipTartaglia, president of the Catholics' national communications commission, urges people to embrace new technology but calls for its responsible use.

He says: "We need to be wary of the inane chatter that can go on in the digital world which does nothing to promote growth in understanding and tolerance.

The fact that we can instantly communicate doesn't mean that we must."

Ooops, bit of an own goal here for the Bishop, considering Benny is about to go on-line.

Danny Boy, FCD said...

Why is PJP2 grinning and staring menacingly at his laptop? Watching a documentary on the spanish inquisitions?

Reinis I. said...

Actually, that doesn't look like a laptop but a portable DVD player. Look at all the various ports on the back; laptops usually look different. The keyboard seems to be missing too.

wwwfacebookcouk said...

Will be hard to connect with PJP2 unless facebook is moving to beyond the grave....I'm sure it's an app already out there!