Thursday, 30 April 2009

Swine flu to kill 400,000 pigs ... indirectly

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I don't want this to become a dedicated swine flu blog, since there's no shortage of places you go to read about that right now, but one element of Parmageddon, aka the Aporkalypse (both ©Ben Goldacre) I haven't mentioned yet is the inevitable crossover with the anti-porcine religions. First we had news that Israel's ultra-orthodox Jewish health minister had declared that Israel "will use the term Mexican flu in order not to have to pronounce the word swine", which was quickly followed an Italian Imam declaring that the flu outbreak confirms what the Koran says about pigs being unclean.

And now things have really got bad for Porky and pals, with the Egyptian government taking the decision to initiate a mass cull of all the country's pigs in order to stave off swine flu – a decision which has led to riots by members of the country's Coptic Christian community, many of whom make a living from farming pigs.

It seems like a clear case of Bad Science meets Religion, since, as The Times points out, scientists have been stressing all week that the mutated H1N1 flu virus which is now passing between humans is not present in pigs and can not be caught from contact with pigs or pig meat.


Anonymous said...

If it wasnt so completely horrific, you would have to laugh. Poor pigs. Poor people! @samedney

Anonymous said...

That is crazy did anyone recognize the shortage of People in the Restaurants.

Joe Hayhurst said...

So the Imam presumably thinks that avian flu confirms what the Koran says about birds being unclean.

Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

This is huge!