Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Stephen Green's back ... to complain about Corrie

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Recently I've been asking where Britain's favourite ranting evangelical bigot Stephen Green has gone – the last time he updated his website was to complain about Kent police promoting homosexuality, or something, and that was back in February. But now he seems to be back, having taken time out from what must be a busy Easter schedule to moan to the Daily Express (yes, I check all media) about a character in popular soap Coronation Street making a comment about religion being untrue, or something.

According to the Daily Express, Corrie veteran (I'm dying to use the term "housewives' favourite" here, but I'm not sure it quite applies) Bill Roach's character Ken Barlow stated during the Easter Sunday episode that the religious force their views on "vulnerable people", and threatened to tell his grandson "the truth" about religion.

Cue the Daily Express attempting to stir up a spot of moral outrage. According to them, a staggeringly high figure of "dozens" have complained to Ofcom, and the paper's backed this up by copying and pasting a few comments left on the ITV message boards, including statements from such luminaries as “charley26” and “Johnandy”. Which leaves the paper with just one actual named offendee to quote in this feeble attempt to create the next "Ross-Brand" controversy – Stephen Green:
"I was both shocked and appalled by what I was watching on TV, let alone on Coronation Street and on Easter Sunday. What is it about Christianity that is so scary for these people. I don’t know if they do it out of ignorance or antipathy but it is not the kind of example television should be setting."
You'd expect this to also be on the Christian Voice website as a longer "press release", but Green still hasn't updated that since February? What's going on? Perhaps he's been watching too much Coronation Street...


Tom Morris said...

What is about Christianity that forces Christians to think that criticism is some kind of personal attack based on fear and ignorance rather than just a philosophical/theological disagreement?

The religious *do* force their views on the vulnerable: there's a reason they spend more time reaching out to the homeless and drug-addicted than to the intellectual elites. And the fact that one might consider an opposing view about religion to be a threat proves the fucking point.

Still, the failure of the Daily Express to whip up a moral panic is pretty amusing.

FishNChimps said...

I saw that episode and thought it interesting how Barlow came across as one of the worst kinds of humanist: the smug evangeliser. The way he seemed to wind up his family was about right.

Anonymous said...

Just one question occurs to me here. What were the (so easily offended - what happened to tolerance, turning the other cheek etc) Christians doing on their 'most holy' day of the year watching Coronation St. Should they not have been in churh praying, meditating on Jesus or out doing good works in his name. But watching Corrie. No wonder they are a laughing stock and with their every action and word driving nails into their own coffin/crucifix and driving people away from their deluded beliefs. Lets encourage more of these demented protests.