Tuesday, 14 April 2009

So where was the Stewart Lee religion episode?

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I missed Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle last night, and was particularly keen to see it having read in the TV guides that the topic of the latest instalment was set to be "Religion". Imagine, therefore, my surprise (you could also say I was "shocked" and "stunned") when I went on BBC iPlayer this lunchtime and found that last night's episode was in fact entitled "Comedy". A late switch, on account of not wanting to offend Christians on Easter Monday? It certainly seems so – this TV review from the Times even says "Religion" was on last night, presumably because the reviewer actually watched a preview tape instead of the broadcast itself. There's only really one way to learn the answer to such questions – Wikipedia. And here it is - in the entry for Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, under "Episode 5: Comedy", we have the following: "NOTE: This episode was intended as the last in the series of 6 but was transmitted as the 5th episode, moving the original 5th episode titled 'Religion' to the the last position. This change of order relates to the original date for broadcast of the 'Religion' episode falling on Easter Bank holiday Monday."

Wow, the BBC really has become over-sensitive since the Ross-Brand silliness.


Stephen said...

Seems odd that it was scheduled to air on Good Monday anyway. If they thought it was insensitive to air it, why did they think it was OK to schedule it originally. I guess someone didn't notice it would be on at Easter.

Can't say I'm in uproar against the decision. It's a pretty harmless solution to swap the order of the episodes.

Joe Hayhurst said...

Hmm. I suppose it would be similar to if the show was about, say, the 'Liverpool victim mentality' (as Boris Johnson would say) and they aired it today on the anniversary of Hillsborough. I suppose if you just KNOW you're going to get complaints then it's sensible to move it to a less sensitive time. After all, they haven't cancelled the show, just swapped it to a later date.

FishNChimps said...

Bearing in mind what Easter is supposed to be about, it would have been nicely subversive if the BBC had broadcast Night of the Living Dead instead.

JW McCabe said...

Pandering to the religious groups, by the BBC is normal isn't it.I cannot say that I am not particularly bothered by this. However, since we are forced to pay TV license which is weird from my perspective as an American living in the UK. If the BBC is essentially funded by the people shouldn't they be unbiased and
non- conforming?

JW McCabe