Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Night of 400 Billion Stars, Bloomsbury Theatre, 29th June

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We have some very exciting news, and you can say you heard it here first. Following on from the huge success of our Nine Lessons and Carols shows last December, Robin Ince and New Humanist have organised another comedy, music and science extravaganza for the 29th June at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London:
Night of 400 Billion Stars (and maybe some string theory): a celebration of astronomy, physics and other scientific distractions

in association with New Humanist magazine

Another night of scientists, musicians and comedians with Simon Singh, Marcus Chown, Ruth Padel, Martin White, Gavin Osborn, Helen Keen, Chris Addison, Christina Martin, Peter Buckley Hill, Lucy Porter, AL Kennedy, Darren Hayman and hosted by Robin Ince. Further guests will be announced at Proceeds will go to the Rationalist Association.
Tickets will cost £20 (£15 concessions) and go on sale this Friday via the Bloomsbury Theatre website. Demand is likely to be high, so be sure to check in there as soon as you can on Friday to book your seats.

Update: Chris Addison has now been added to the bill.


Anonymous said...

If this is another sellout, any chance of persuading them to go a bit wild and try different cities?

mmfiore said...

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Robin Ince said...

A smaller version of this show with Simon Singh, Ben Goldacre, Gavin Osborn, Josie Long and me (robin ince) will get to a few towns in the Autumn with the hope of a bigger tour in 2010

Anonymous said...

Great news Robin, thanks for letting us non-Londoners get involved.

Anonymous said...

God, I'd rather snort glass.

Poor blogging.