Thursday, 2 April 2009

Laurie Taylor gets spiritual

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Our very own commissioning editor Laurie Taylor visits the apocalypse with a bizarre array of end-timers


Christopher said...

Very enjoyable.

As with all conspiracies, they are unfalsifiable, and have many attractive combinations of exciting memes, all vying to find space in people's minds.

And if unscrupulous people can infect other people with these memes, and even get them to give them money, or vote them into power, then the phenomenon becomes self-perpetuating, and they've got themselves a power/money-making machine.

Hence cults, sects, religion, republicanism, fundamentalism bad social science, and assorted other dogmatic woo that demands a suspension of rational thought.

It's the apocalypse alright, but not the way they think. It's The Endarkening.

Paul Sims said...

My desk made an appearance. Nice.