Friday, 3 April 2009

Evangelical insights

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Ever wondered what life might be like at the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, the "largest and fastest growing Christian Evangelical university in the world"? Well Kevin Roose, a student at the rather more liberal Brown University did, so he went and spent a term there and wrote a book about it. And then Esquire magazine bought an extract from it, and then the New Humanist blog linked to it.

It's well worth a read, especially for the insight into what the author describes as the university's "agenda-driven classes", in which "professors aren't teaching new knowledge so much as teaching students how to think about the world around them." It's almost hard to believe that the young people involved are of college-going age - imagine paying your tuition fees for the pleasure of zero intellectual inquiry. And of course the content is standard evangelical fayre - homosexuality is evil, abortion is evil, evolution is evil, a woman's role is in the home.

Anyway, have a read.


meenu said...
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Anonymous said...

With regards to the last sentence of this entry, I'd like you to consider this Paul:

1. Does your wife work, or mostly stay at home?

2. Would you be happy if your wife had an abortion?

3. How many true homosexual friends do you have?

Strange - I bet you feel almost evangelical now eh?