Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wednesday morning novelties

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Looking back over my recent posts, things have been pretty serious on this blog lately – civil liberties, free speech, the UN, extremism... Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I'm also a fan of the ridiculous, which is why I'm happy to bring you news of a Harvard Business School study into internet pornography consumption in the United States.

And why should this be of interest to this blog? Well, it turns out that the states with the highest porn downloads per capita are those generally considered to be the most religiously conservative. Utah, home of Mormonism, leads the way with a cheeky 5.47 internet users per 1,000 subscribing to smut-peddling web domains, closely folowed by the residents of Alaska, where 5.03 in a 1,000 are regulars on salacious sex sites. Sadly, just how many of those Alaskans have dowloaded a copy of the Sarah Palin spoof porno Who's Nailin' Paylin is unknown. Also prominent in the titillation top ten are Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, while bringing up the rear with paltry levels of porn consumption are north eastern states like New Jersey and Connecticut. However, the bottom two states are actually mid-western states – Montana and Idaho – while the third lowest state is Tennessee, which goes contrary to all the things I've written above about conservative Southern states consuming more porn, and perhaps goes to show that the study shows no actual trends at all.

Still, it was good while it lasted, wasn't it? And it gives me an opportunity to show you the t-shirts all of the above can go out and buy once they're finally done downloading all that porn. Although one suspects that anyone keen to make that big a deal out of this has probably secretly left a download going on their computer at home, even while they're out modelling these t-shirts.

And finally, in a completely unrelated matter, I just want to share this Ebay auction that Christina Martin forwarded to me. Explanations on a postcard, please.


Claire V said...

I wouldn't really consider Tennessee a "southern" state... they're pretty moderate when it comes to politics and a great something like 20% of the population comes from outside "the South". So maybe the idea about porn and southern states still applies.

Lainey said...

I propose that the non-religious states are filled with smarter people (in general) who know there are a million ways to get porn for free, and if you're paying for it you're a sucker.