Thursday, 12 February 2009

Wilders to be sent back to Netherlands

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More breaking news – the BBC now reports that Geert Wilders is being sent back to the Netherlands after being detained by immigration officials at Heathrow. Apparently the Dutch ambassador to the UK was at Heathrow to show his opposition to the UK government's stance.

The showing of Fitna will go ahead at the House of Lords as planned.

If I'm blogging this in a rather matter of fact way, it's because I discussed my personal views on Wilders, his repulsive "film" and censorship at length in this blog post yesterday. One small point though - if you watch the video on the BBC website of Wilders arriving at Heathrow and the media scrum surrounding him, you'll see that by issuing this ban the British government has succeeded in giving the man the publicity he craves and allowing him to present himself martyr for the free speech he would happily deprive others of. I long for a day when we can just ignore people like him.


Jim el Buho said...

I'm saddened that you have bought the media's picture of Wilders as a 'right-wing extremist' and 'purveyor of hate'. The core of his message is that fundamentalist religion (and Islam in particular) is dangerous. Have you watched Fitna? It's only 16 minutes long, I encourage you (as Pat Condell also did a couple of days ago) to watch it - a Google search is all you need.

Wilders has a silly haircut and an abrasive manner, but that does not make him a racist. I would hope that a rational website like this one would judge him on the facts. Read his Wikipedia entry - the only extremist views expressed are those of Muslims who want him dead.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that his other cheerleader is well-known religionist Baroness Cox, vice-chancellor of Liverpool Hope University, member of the board of Migration Watch and well known Christian right-winger

(sorry - got to be anonymous as I work at said institution!)

Gavin said...

Jim el Buho, I agree with you entirely. I was just browsing this site because I went to a Humanist meeting recently and was shocked by the very naïve leftist mentality I encountered from one of the primary organisers. I'm sorry to see that many of the articles on this site fit this pattern.

Wilders has only ever spoken the truth and it is about time "Humanists" woke up to that fact and realised that the primary enemy of civilisation in Europe is Islam, which is an imperialist, intolerant ideology.

How many of these "Humanists" have read Robert Spencer, Christopher Hitchens, Mark Steyn, Ayaan Hirsi-Ali or Bruce Bawer, I wonder? Or read the Qur'an? Unfortunately it looks like a round number.

It was a disgrace that Wilders was barred from the UK and it's one of the reasons I am looking forward to voting the Labour Party out of power ASAP.